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    Analyzer Full Auto Goldsite GBA 1000

    COMPACT              Minimal size with built-in PC

    AUTOMATIC        Auto reagent ID & level detection

    FLEXIBLE             Random assays & STAT

    RELIABLE             Minimized error and maintenance

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    Fully Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ICUBIO iChem-520


    ●Bench top, Discrete, random access, fully automated;
    ●Constant speed 200 tests per hour;
    ●Unique Self-lubricating lead rail, accurate positioning and low noise
    ●Refrigerated reagent compartment with 45 reagent positions;
    ●120 reusable cuvettes with 7-step auto wash;
    ●Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection & collision protection
    ●Reversed optic system with 8 wavelengths: 340~700nm (2 optional)
    ●Automatic dilution for abnormal sample
    ●External bar code reader (optional)
    ●Bi-directional LIS interface
    ●Multi-language available

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    Fully Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ICUBIO iChem-540


    • 230 tests per hour, up to 400 tests per hour with ISE (K, Na, Cl)
      • 24-hour refrigeration for reagent tray
      • Built-in bar code scanner
      • Independent mixing stirrer
      • Robust and user-friendly operation software
      • Multi-language version available
      • Pre-dilution and post-dilution for sample
      • Bi-directional LIS interface
    The ICUBIO iChem540 supported by ICUBIO Medical Instrumentation is not routinely available from Diamond Diagnostics so please inquire. As you consider purchasing a refurbished instrument from Diamond, rest assured that every instrument that flows through our production facility is disassembled down to-the-frame then thoroughly cleaned, polished and refinished with a durable 3 part industrial paint that matches the instruments original color and sheen. During re-assembly components are validated, repaired or replaced as needed followed by full diagnostics, calibration and running controls as a final step. Afterward the instruments are inspected and prepared for international transit. Should you wish to receive more information on the ICUBIO iChem 540 Chemistry Analyzer such as pricing?
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    Fully Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ICUBIO iMagic-M7


    • Small: CBM≤0.1m3 (50cm*44cm*47cm), the smallest in the world; Net Weight is only 37KG
    • Fast:Constant speed 100~120T/H, the fastest speed among the similar size equipment’s; the fastest service response;
    • More:72 reagent/sample positions can be defined flexibly; 48 reusable/disposable cuvettes
    • Economy:Minimum sample volume is 3ul; minimum reaction volume is 180ul; Lower test costs
    •  Professional: Accurate result; Stable performance; Durable material
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    ZECEN NEO-1200


    Small size, easy to carry

    LIS connection available

    Fast heating, high stability

    Little water consumption, fully automatic cleaning

    Automatic uploading data, data permanent saving

    Monochromatic light and cold light source detection, long life use,stable results

    Reagent tray can be taken out, convenient and quick.

    Intelligent,precise,accurate, efficient

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