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    Diagnostic Ultra Sound System Mindray DC-30


    Standard ultrasound systems available today typically understand for a basic diagnosis but lack militant functionality. Now, bearing in mind the most competitive price in the industry, the DC-30 is the include response for high setting image add to, by now than accessory features such as Auto IMT, iScape, Natural Touch Elastography, UWN Contrast Imaging and Tissue Doppler Imaging.
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    Diagnostic Ultra Sound System MINDRAY DP-30


    A powerful black & white ultrasound system, DP-30, is equipped with advanced imaging technologies to provide you with high-quality images and a convenient workflow allowing you to scan with confidence and ease. With its lightweight ergonomic mobile design, the DP-30 can accompany you wherever required.

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    Diagnostic Ultrasound System Mindray DC-N3



    Purified Harmonic Imaging for better contrast resolution providing clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise.
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    Digital Ultrasonic System MINDRAY DP-2200Plus

    New Operation Experience

    . Silicon control panel, ergonomic design
    — Easy to operate, less fatigue for long time scanning
    — Backlit control panel, suitable for dark room operation
    . TGC
    — 8-segment TGC control, assure delicate image adjustment

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    Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-40 Exp


    The Mindray DC-40 is a value-range Color-Doppler Ultrasound System which specializes in shared-service applications, especially in Primary OBG Care. The Mindray DC-40 is also designed to cover a wide range of applications including abdominal, pediatric, small organs, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, MSK (conventional, superficial), urology, adult cardiac, and peripheral vessel.

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