ALPK2 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Description of ALPK2 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 

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 Product Features:

  • Features
    ― Measures blood pressure and pulse rate
    ― Quality made in Japan
    ― Incorporating “Fuzzy Logic”
    ― Easy to read large LCD display
    ― Automatic Inflation and deflation
    ― Measurement during inflation
    ― “Personal mode”
    ― Irregular heartbeat indication
    ― Dual 30 times memory + average
    ― Date and time indication
    ― Cuff 23-43cm in arm circumference
    ― Pressure Indication range 0-300 mmHg (cuff pressure)
    ― Carrying bag, instruction manual and 4 x AA batteries included
    ― Clinically proven accuracy


Operating principle Oscillometric method
Indicator 12 Digits liquid crystal display
Pressure Indicating Range 0 to 300 mmHg (cuff pressure)
Measuring Range 50 to 250 mmHm (systolic)
40 to 140 mmHg (diastolic)
40 to 160 bpm (pulse rate)
Accuracy ±3 mmHg (cuff pressure)
±5% of reading (pulse rate)
Inflation Automatic inflation
Exhaust Automatic exhaust valve
Power Supply 4 x AA type batteries or AC adapter
Memory 30 measurements x 2 and averages
Operating Environment +10°C to +40°C, 85% relative humidity or below
Cuff Covers arm circumference 23 to 43 cm
Weight 280g without batteries
Size 150mm(W) x 115mm(D) x 50mm(H)

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ALPK2 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

ALPK2 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor